Check it out!

Sandwiched between new Mel Brooks and Kobe Bryant books in the Long Branch Free Public Library’s main branch on Broadway and by new Carl Bernstein and Jimmy Carter books in the Elberon branch is this local author’s debut book, Fatherlands: Identities of a Cuban American. If you are curious about my “memoir with a twist”Continue reading “Check it out!”

Personalized copies available from author

The day after my book first became available, a neighbor asked me to personalize 10 copies he had purchased for family and friends. A few weeks later, a former neighbor asked if I would sign copies she was purchasing for her daughter and son. In between, a friend I’ve not seen in many years askedContinue reading “Personalized copies available from author”

Q&A with the author

Question: Why did you write this book? Charles Lopez Bruns: Most writers have a book in them, but few of them get written. This is the book I was meant to write. When I had the opportunity, I became determined to complete it. Q: Is your book an autobiography? CLB: It’s a memoir that explainsContinue reading “Q&A with the author”