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Sandwiched between new Mel Brooks and Kobe Bryant books in the Long Branch Free Public Library’s main branch on Broadway and by new Carl Bernstein and Jimmy Carter books in the Elberon branch is this local author’s debut book, Fatherlands: Identities of a Cuban American. If you are curious about my “memoir with a twist” and a patron of the local library or Libraries of Middlesex Automation Consortium (LMxAC) — yes, I realize Long Branch is in Monmouth County — check it out!

Fatherlands: Identity of a Cuban American, keeping good company on the shelves of new books in the main (above) and Elberon (below) branches of the Long Branch Free Public Library.
Author with debut book in Long Branch Free Public Library main (left) and Elberon (right) branches.

— revised July 30, 2022

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