Personalized copies available from author

The day after my book first became available, a neighbor asked me to personalize 10 copies he had purchased for family and friends. A few weeks later, a former neighbor asked if I would sign copies she was purchasing for her daughter and son. In between, a friend I’ve not seen in many years asked how he could get an autographed copy. A couple days later he sent me a follow-up message stating, “I was serious!”

I’m pleased to announce that personalized copies of my book are available directly from me for only $18.99. That price — which is the typical cost of many new (impersonal) paperbacks — will cover the cost of shipping a copy of my book in a padded envelope directly to your address (in the U.S.). Mail your check to me or pay me via Venmo (@CharlesAnthonyComm) and I will in return send you the book with a personal message in my finest Catholic school handwriting using a favorite Waterman rollerball pen.

If you would like me to personalize a copy of the book you’ve already purchased, I’ll be glad to do so. Just mail it to me with a check for $7.00 (unless you prefer to send me a self-addressed stamped envelope), and I will personalize it and get it right back to you. Anyone who needs my address can email me at

Of course, if you’re a friend and in the Long Branch, NJ area, let me know and we can try to meet at a local cafe where I’ll be happy to personalize your book while we catch up with each other. If you’re among those in my extended family who would like me to personalize the book for them, I will be happy to do so when we next see each other, hopefully during the holiday season.

In any case, I’m grateful for your interest in my memoir!

— November 19, 2021 (updated February 2 and December 4, 2022)

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